"IASIS" is a non-governmental, non-profit organization active in the field of Social Inclusion, Mental Health and Deinstitutionalization, which actively participates in the psychiatric reform promoted by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and the European Union. Organization’s main objective is to provide psychosocial support and education topeople who either belong to the range of or are at risk of exclusion, and to adult learners in the humanitarian field.
IASIS NGO began its preparatory actions in 2005.

Contact details:
Georgia Griva

The Technological Educational Institute of Athens (T.E.I. of Athens) was founded in 1983. It is an independent, self-administrating academic institute, which comes under the head of Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

The strategic goals of the T.E.I. of Athens, according to its vision and mission, are to continue its tradition and to stand out among the Greek and foreign Higher Education Institutes in the fields of education, research, culture and arts, while being connected with the Society.

Contact details:
Marianna Mantzorou MSc,
RN Lecturer, Department of Nursing
Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens
0030 6937849980
fva logo FVA is an Italian SME operating since 1990 in the field of new media communication and advanced ICT for research and organizations contexts. Since 1998 FVA is involved in EU co- financed research projects as technical partner specialized in Games and Gamification solutions, HCI and interface design; ICT solutions for learning, health, social innovation and security; 3d design and animation; dissemination material creation. Contact details:
Susanna Albertini
Viale Gorgia di Leontini 131 - 00124 Rome

Institut de Formation et Recherche en Travail Social, Medico Social et Sanitaire (IFRTS - Institute for Training and Research in Social Work, Social Medicine and Health) is a vocational training centre and also a private school delivering Master I and II degrees in social work. The Institute develops its expertise in implementing information activities, training, and research in the fields of social work, medical-social and health. It is accredited by Rectorship, Regional Directorate of Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion (DRJSCS) and Regional Council of Corsica for organising trainings.

Contact details:
Marie-Françoise SOUQUET
Directrice Adjointe
+33 4 95 54 10 23
 ssf logo

SOLIDARIDAD SIN FRONTERAS - SSF  is a non- profit organization composed of interdisciplinary professionals. Our mission is to contribute to the development, integration and wellness of the most vulnerable groups, promoting with other organizations and public institutions, tolerance, justice, and social responsibility. SSF promotes all kinds of projects, training activities, courses, seminars, studies and research, and public activities on social, political and cultural issues, defending the right to education and freedom of education. We promote collaborative actions with educational institutions and international organizations in social and educational fields, in order to contribute to social wellness, especially supporting immigrant, refugees, asylum seekers, families, youth and children, with greater difficulties in social Integration.

Contact details:
Presidente Ejecutivo
+ 34 605 29 87 87
Madrid - España

BFI – Institute for vocational advancement is an Upper Austrian vocational training institution that meets the new requirements of the 21st century’s labour market. It has become a market leader in all variations of re-entry into the job market, second Chance education and vocational qualification in health, social and other service jobs. It provides an integrated spectrum of education and training covering all qualification levels - including university degrees - for both professional and occupational applications afford a significant edge to both single participants in training courses or seminars and to organisations, companies or special interest Groups.

Contact details:
Ute Schulz
Muldenstraße 5, 4020 Linz
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